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Why Sound Engineering?

A good sound engineer listens for subtle noises, patiently follows standards, and needs the ability to adapt to whatever situations occur. I enjoy sound, whether it’s musical or a sound effect. Be it recording and mixing songs of any genre or producing foley effects for a movie scene, it all interests me greatly but also challenges me to exceed in my industry.

Equipment Knowledge & Qualifications

I have worked with SSL X-desks and Otari MTR tape machines, with a very strong understanding of Control24/ProTools hybrid set-ups. I am also familiar with various microphones such as Shure SM57 and Berliner U77. My skill-set allows me to fill many niches in the industry while offering hands-on experience with various amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and signal processors.

AV Standards, Live Setup & Engineering

Many consider me a very energetic worker with experience in analog, digital, and hybrid systems. I have ProTools certification and a knack for troubleshooting, whether it be hardware or software related. I am also knowledgeable in the recording of quality sound and excel at post production for movies, smart-phone apps, and other forms of media.

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Orlando, FL
(786) 281-1957