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Why I Love to Create
I've always played with the idea of bringing my imagination to life ever since I was old enough to understand how passionate I am about my craft. Whether my eyes are glued to a new tutorial, or my fingers restlessly roaming a sketchbook, I love to create. Every day I itch to see endless art this world has to offer, in any medium I can get it in.

Creating With a Purpose

What is Most Important to Me
Who Am I?
Little Bit About Me

I am a creative programmer and graphic artist with a knack for design and technology. I have been known as a jack-of-all-trades because I refuse to stop learning new things. You can find me in my free time unwinding with a comic book, illustrating, painting, or writing short stories.

How Did I Get Here?
My Road to a Creative Career

I've always had a deep rooted passion in drawing and story telling. High school honor classes never engaged me the way sculpting and programming lessons did. College drove me inline with web development, offering hands-on-experience while attaining a degree to sharpen my design and programming skills.

What Am I Up To?
And What I Want to Do

After college I went on to win multiple Gold and Silver Addy awards while developing hands on programming skills. Nearly ten years of experience working in this industry has equipped me with the skills to deliver a structural purpose behind my work, while still keeping up with the latest in programming and design.

What Are My Achievements?
Some Facts About Me

Gold and Silver Addy award winner
Design and program websites from the ground up
Skilled in CMS development
Illustrate creative concepts & tradeshow art
Ran a full color print department & managed projects

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